Kids To Maine -Part 3 – 8/7/2018

We got up early to get started with our long drive. Its Tuesday and we had a reservation for a Wednesday activity in New York. Today was about leisure travel westward. We started off visiting a few last minute things that I saw driving around Topsham ME, but didn’t see yet.

The Androscoggin Swinging Bridge was built in 1892 for pedestrians to get to work. Now its just a fun way to cross the river.

And of course, Mom’s own road!

LL Bean’s headquarters is in Freeport Maine. Their retail location is open 24/7 which is quite interesting. We walked through several stores. I’m surprised to say that I out-spent my mom shopping (found a great bent shaft carbon fiber canoe paddle).

So we finally started driving. I took random state highways that appeared to have decent views and they didn’t disappoint. We finally stopped on the side of the road to check out this river and enjoyed the sounds of the water rushing by.

I took a chance and turned into a busy looking nature area named Sabbaday Falls. The name has an interesting story you should learn about by visiting and reading the signs. You can’t see the waterfalls from the highway or even the parking lot. I asked somebody coming back from their hike if the trail was worth it, not yet knowing at all what it was. This is something you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the area!   Its a very easy hike to the three tiered waterfall.

We stopped on the New Hampshire/Vermont border to get a photo on a bridge mom would not walk on. I had issues getting Sonora to join me.

She thought we might fall through.

She isn’t happy out in the middle!

Back on land again!

Eventually, we make it to Lake Champlain, a lake that is on the border of New York and Vermont. The lake is 120 miles long and as wide as 12 miles. We took a ferry across.


Our night ended with a few hours of night driving before finding a suitable motel.

Hogan Haake