KC Weekend – 3/21/2014

We went to Kansas City this weekend with a purpose. KC Paddler was supposed to be closing forever (they are still open in July). The boats were on discount and I wanted to replace Breakdown (Hobie Adventure) with something that Danelle could handle loading and unloading on her own. First thing we did on Friday morning was got to KC paddler and look at boats. After about an hour of browsing and discussion, we left with a 14′ Perception Carolina, a double blade, and two bent shaft paddles. Its funny to note that the only color available was orange. Due to Danelle’s work, many things that she owns are orange, it just doesn’t stop! Danelle has decided to name her new boat Tangelo. This purchase puts our boat fleet up to 5 boats. I’m not worries as somebody is coming to buy one of them when we get back in town.

We wanted to spend some tourist time in KC during this visit. I have been wanting to visit the Steamboat Arabia for some time now. So the family went out to check out the museum.  The Arabia was a steamboat that wrecked on the Missouri river with all of its cargo. The boat sunk and was left. After much research, a group of friends located and risked their future recovering the boat and all of its cargo. They have dedicated their lives since 1987 to the preservation and display of the cargo from that boat.



Hogan Haake