House On The Rock – 8/4/2017

On the way home from our vacation in Boundary Waters, we decided to stop for a half day at “House On The Rock“. I’ve heard about it many times and about how good it is. My feelings are different. It wans’t the worst way to waste away the day, but it is far from a must see. The house on the rock was probably very impressive before all of the trees in the area grew up and obscured the feat it was to build it.

All that being said, the house and visitor’s center wasn’t the centerpiece of the place. The house, was mostly open air, so it smelled musty and was cold, this was unexpected! But the junk collection portion (buildings after the house) were interesting. Look through some of the photos below and make your own judgement. I don’t have any desire to go back.

Parking lot on the way in.
On the way in.
Old slot machines.
Several rooms on instruments that play themselves.
This is the first wooden carved door that we say. But after about 20 more, none of them seemed special.
Fancy landscaping.
Its known for a arm that sticks out from the top of the rock. This is as far out as you can go, looking down at the tree tops.
Some control boards for the animated people and instruments.
This in an animated orchestra. Each “person” is full sized with an instrument.

Danelle being silly with a fountain on the way out.

If you don’t like red carpet, DON’t GO!!! 2/3 of the surfaces in this place are red carpet.