Hiatt’s Bachelor Party – 9/28/2013

*** Warning ***

Before you get too excited by the title of the post, there is nothing inappropriate to read or see here…

*** End Warning ***

My brother Hiatt was having a pseudo organized small family bachelor party. To help with the event, I came in town on my motorcycle Saturday morning. Of course it rained most of the ride and my rain suit leaked, leaving me like a wet dog. On top of that, I wore the wrong shoes and my feet were soaked… Our plan was to play motorcycles, but I didn’t feel like doing that when I got to his house. I was wet and tired. Undeterred, we hung out at his house. After a few hours, I was dry and it looked nice outside. Without much thought, we mounted up on our motorcycles and took off through Gardner Kansas. Hiatt was having a blast showing me where he likes to ride out in the country.

As we rode by Hillsdale lake, I noticed the spillway and it looked interesting. Since we don’t have anything to communicate when we ride, I overtook him and then signaled that we would turn off the road and check it out. The road was gravel, but not too far, so we weren’t too worried. I quickly learned that on gravel, I’m faster. That is likely the only place my motorcycle is faster, but I’ll take it. Once at the parking lot, I waited for him to come along and park.

The spillway wasn’t necessarily something worth writing home about, but it was a fun stop for us. Driving around further, I saw a sign that I couldn’t resist and we had to turn around and check it out. It is worth of note because our youngest sister’s name is Hannah.

After the ride, we went over to my parents house to catch up with my dad and two other brothers. We went out to Twin Peaks for dinner. All of the guys enjoyed the scenery and food.

It was a fantastic weekend to hang out with family and celebrate!


Hogan Haake