Backyard Camping – 9/20/2013

We have a pop up camper that we occasionally use to go camping. It has many comforts of home and makes it quick to go out camping as most of our gear is already in the camper. But for some reason, the kids have been obsessed with tent camping recently. So we finally give in and pitched the tent in the back yard.

I was under the impression that all 4 of us would sleep there, but Danelle had other plans (a good night’s sleep). So the kids and I were out there for the night with tons of blankets, laughing, and flashlights.

Most important to our backyard camping is the use of a camp fire. I normally use my Weber grill for this activity, but it just didn’t fit the bill this night. We borrowed the neighbor’s fire pit and had a small fire to celebrate our tent camping.



Hogan Haake