Fort Jackson – 2/16/2020

Fort Jackson is in Louisiana. I’ve seen it on maps when dreaming about the Mississippi river and random paddling journeys I want to take. I’ve talked of a motorcycle trip there over a long weekend just because it looks interesting. The opportunity to visit came when Corvin and I were visiting Louisiana on our 27th state of our unicycle trip. It was raining as we approached and I figured we could waste the rain time in the car and see the fort.

I didn’t realize that its permanently closed due to flood damage from hurricanes. When we arrived, it was raining lightly. We stopped for some photos before coming to the entrance gate.

Close up of the statue above.

But the main gate was chained closed.

Somehow, some photos were taken of the inside of the fort. Must have been a drone šŸ™‚

Taking a ferry across the Mississippi river to drive up the other side.

It was a really cool experience to be there. Most amazing to me was how close we were to the massive Mississippi river. I’m not sure how everybody down there can live so close to a river that can destroy their lively-hoods so quickly.

Its worth a visit, even if it is closed!

Hogan Haake