Kelly Clarkson – 8/14/2018

Being a software developer, its almost expected that I’m a little weird or eccentric. I embrace this to make my job more enjoyable. One of the ways I do this is by keeping a theme. I got my theme of “Kelly Clarkson” from the move 40 Year Old Virgin. When Steve Carell’s character was getting his chest waxed…

So I’ve been adding Kelly Clarkson references in my code, test data, and screen shots for a while now. So I had a day off work and my co-workers took the opportunity to enhance my Kelly Clarkson. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but this is my desk!

Look and you can see the photo of Steve Carell from 40 Year Old Virgin in the photo below.

My surprised face when I got to my desk!

And of course video as well.


Hogan Haake