Christmas in KC – 12/25/2022

We left early for Kansas City on Christmas Day. So early in fact that the kids decided to sleep just a bit more. Danelle was kind enough to stay awake with me while I drove.

Once we got to KC, the kids were well rested and we went about hanging around the house.

My sister Hannah was staying at my parents for a few days as well adding to the excitement.

Lucky for me, most of the family lives close. Henry also stopped in for a bit.

Henry and I are both watching dad prepare the ham before we all have dinner together. Okay, really we’re like dogs looking for scraps, but don’t tell anybody.

Finally when its all ready, we have an amazing spread of food for Christmas dinner together. We had great conversations and just enjoyed each other’s company.

At some point, the girls went off shopping. Of course they each came home with a blanket that everybody had to learn about and touch. “Its so soft” is all they could say. It really is hard to argue with this much excitement!

If you’re looking for mom, she’s probably working a puzzle 🙂

I think they finished a puzzle and had to start another one in the few days that we were there.

I love calling Coty and Sonora my twins. And if you didn’t know why from the photo above, how about this?

After a few days, it was time to return home and get back to normal. We all had an amazing Christmas near home and far from home.

Hogan Haake