Checking my brakes

I have been having issues with the front brake on my motorcycle. After much talking, I decided it was time to do something about it. Hearing about a new motorcycle shop in town that didn’t pair itself with any particular brand, I decided to check out Flying Tiger Motorcycles. I found great reviews on Google and Facebook when researching their location. I decided I would just drop in and see what they had to say.

My first impression was awe. When I walked in the shop, there were numerous older bikes that had been restored and just sitting there. I imagine they were for sale, but didn’t want to ask. My wife would kill me!

That’s when I came across this beauty of a motorcycle. This is one of the shop’s daily riders. I met Eric and his wife Theresa. When I told them what my bike’s issue was, he stopped everything and came outside to have a look at my bike. Eric spent about 10 minutes looking and diagnosing my issue. He gave me tips that could have potentially helped me solve my own issue. Ultimately I scheduled to come back and have him work on it two days later.

Eric let me stand in the shop and watch him do his trade. He effortlessly took the wheel off to check for balance issues and the calipers off to check the brakes. He stated that the pads were glazed and that could cause some of the issues I was experiencing. He also validated that the rotors were not warped and that the wheel was balanced.

I got a great feel from Eric and Flying Tiger Motorcycles. I’m looking forward to going back to get new tires on my bike very soon. If you want somebody you can trust and doesn’t make you feel stupid, they are the shop for you!