2011 Day of .NET

I attended the St. Louis Day of .NET this year. The name of the conference is a bit deceiving as it is actually two days of topics. There were a lot of great topics covered.

This photo was taken about 15 minutes before the keynote address was given.  The room filled up nearly to capacity. The discussion was over Microsoft LightSwitch 2011. It appears to be a replacement for MS Access to create quick front end designs for small databases.

One of the rooms had a cool projector that came out of the ceiling! Very cool design. Guess casinos have all the money!

A great presentation on PowerShell!

I also want to note that I could just hug Microsoft right now. I sat through two presentations of Objective C deveopment for Mac and their related “i” products. I can’t imagine having to write in those languages. As a professional developer, I could learn them and work with them, but I don’t have to. I have the .NET framework and C# to thank for making my professional life easier!!!!

I should have more to say, but it was a long and good conference. If you’re a .NET developer and have a chance to go, I recommend it.