Chain of Rocks Ride – 12/3/2016

I wanted to ride the Chain of Rocks bridge for some time and the weather was decent. I packed up Corvin and Sonora along with snacks and hot chocolate and set out. Corvin had spent the night at a friend’s house and didn’t sleep much that night. By the time we got to the parking lot, he was sleeping. He asked me if he could just sleep in the van while we biked. I wasn’t to be deterred, so I pestered him till he woke up. I told him he could sleep on the drive back home!

We loved going across the river on the bridge, but I made the kids keep going. I told them we could slow down and really look on the way back. So we continued on. Looking back at the photos, it was a bit colder than I realized!

I wanted to go farther, but the kids were fighting. We ended up stopping around the 4 mile mark for snacks and hot chocolate. Of course the kids were happy for this moment!

So on the way back, the kids had the most fun on the bridge! We may have held a spitting contest down to the water, but I’m not telling…

Hogan Haake