Nimbus Nightfox – 6/15/2022

I’ve been wanting to better my unicycle distance for a while. I have a Coker 36″ Big One unicycle. While its nice, it isn’t quite right for me. I decided that life is short and I would try an upgrade to the Nimbus Nightfox. Once ordered using money from my birthday, I figured I could also sell my Coker and get most of the money that the Nightfox would cost. It was in stock and arrived in about a week.

I must have purchased too many unicycles as I didn’t find it difficult to assemble this unicycle.  Once set up, I got a stand alone photo of it.

For comparison, the Nightfox on the left, and the Coker on the right.

Riding them is quite different. The Nightfox’s cranks are around 125mm and the Coker are 150mm. This effectively makes the Nightfox ride like its in a higher gear. It took me several tries to mount the Nightfox and I was uncomfortable when I did mount. However its lighter weight make it easier to ride once I got going. This is going to be an exciting journey learning to ride this new unicycle. I’m a huge fan of the handlebars that come with the Nightfox as well.

Hogan Haake