Big One Sold – 8/10/2022

Its a day that my wife thought would never come. I’m selling my second unicycle in a year! Since I started this crazy hobby, I’ve continually added new unicycles to my collection until I got to the number 7. Yeah, that is even a lot of unicycles for me. With my recent addition of a Nimbus Nightfox, it was time to sell another one. I currently have 2 36″ unicycles. I want to talk about my Coker “Big One” 36″ unicycle that I sold.

First off, its a fine unicycle that will take you places. My longest ride ever (just over 26 miles in a single day) was done on this unicycle.

One of the first things that people notice and wonder about are the handle bars. I purchased it with the optional PI bar. This was a short handle bar that came out from the saddle with two metal bars. I was excited to try a unicycle with handle bars. However, being a large guy, my legs constantly rubbed against the PI bar. I had to take it off right away. Eventually, I purchased the Kris Holm handle bar that is on this unicycle now. Its a single bar that goes out a good amount. I mounted the brake lever on it and it was thin enough not to rub my legs with.

It wasn’t easy learning to ride this. I transitioned from a 29″ wheel to this as my primary unicycle. I originally had 150mm cranks on it and tried 110mm and didn’t like them going back to longer cranks.

I found the Big One to be a bit on the heavy side and it didn’t want to turn, preferring to go straight. I’ll throw a few more photos of it below for nostalgia.

Here is a close up of the seat. Its a bit too shaped in a U to make riding comfortable for long stretches at a time.

Putting the brand on the rim was a nice touch.

And a big one on the frame for the model name.

Last thing to note is shipping a 36″ unicycle is a pain. I put it in the same box that my Nightfox came in. When I went to UPS, they wanted a bit more money than their website suggested. They wanted $180 to ship it as it was “oversized”. I went to a FedEx store and they were a bit more lenient measuring it and shipped it for $60. I hope the new owner is having as much fun as I did!

Hogan Haake