September – 2020

Another month has moved by quickly. We’re still home more than we want with COVID-19 around. You can tell by the number of cat photos we have this month.

Trying to capture Brawndo looking stately.

Somehow a sink is the same as a cat bed. Not something I encourage, but I often get overridden.

Coatrack’s eyes say it all!

I normally have the basement window blocked off, but with it unblocked, all three cats found this newly accessible window enchanting!

Sonora on the banks of the Meramec river sinking in the mud at Greentree.

Danelle looking cute at the Greentree ramp.

Sonora and I getting ready to go on Grant’s Trail

Waiting for the Great Rivers Greenway bridge over the River Des Peres to open. Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to ride across this.

Lots of racing at Creve Coeur lake with Sonora.

And that rounds out our random September photos!

Hogan Haake