Balls, Bats, and Slurpees – 7/11/2014

Its Friday and tomorrow, 7/12, my brother Hayden is celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary. He’s living in Kentucky and St. Louis happens to be on the way. In addition, Corvin and Sonora were still at Grandma’s house visiting. Since there wouldn’t be enough room in the car for all of them, my kids plus Herman and Henry came via train back to St. Louis. We had a day to kill and decided to have some fun together.

First up was a visit to the batting cages. IMG_20140711_144354 IMG_20140711_155819

None of us are athletes and many pitches were missed. Watching each other mess  up is always funny! Of  course when 6 people are swinging bats, the tokens for playing are consumed faster than they can be minted.

With sore hands we needed something to help us out. Being that the data was 7/11, it matched the chain 7-eleven. More importantly, they had a free Slurpee special since the date matched their company name. We found a suitable location and acquired our free beverage.


Of course, that would not end our outing. I decided to take our group mini golfing. I have driven past Arizona Action Park several times and wanted to go in. Today was the day. IMG_20140711_171602 IMG_20140711_173448

What makes this mini golf so interesting is the work put into the sculptures around it. The whole group enjoyed it… There may have been some cheating to block the hole from others…

Hogan Haake