Missouri Botanical Garden’s Orchid Festival – 3/20/2013

Danelle visited the Orchid Festival this year at the Botanical Garden. Each year from January to mid-March, they display an amazing selection of the 7,000 or so orchids they have from all around the world. This year, the theme was Madagascar. If you have a chance, check out the display next year. In the meantime, … Continue reading “Missouri Botanical Garden’s Orchid Festival – 3/20/2013”

Bike With Your Boots On: River Rally Edition – 5/19/2013

The River des Peres Watershed Coalition has been running “Bike With Your Boots On” events for five years.  This year, we hosted a group of eight River Rally participants on a ride along Grant’s Trail.  The group stopped at two sites to learn about water quality monitoring methods and to test the waters themselves.  Following … Continue reading “Bike With Your Boots On: River Rally Edition – 5/19/2013”

Cup Stacking – 2/19/2013

Corvin always wanted to be in a cup stacking contest. He finally got signed up and went with mom to the contest. He says that the contest is fun but hard. By the look on his face, it takes deep concentration to do your best work. Album Hogan Haake

Sugar Maple Festival – 2/2/2013

I received an unsolicited email from my father about a sugar maple festival not to far from my house. Following the link, I found that it was for the previous year. However, some persistent web searching showed that it was the first weekend in February this year. This sounded like the perfect type of outdoor … Continue reading “Sugar Maple Festival – 2/2/2013”