Snow Day – 3/24/13

One day after we picked up gumballs, the snow started falling. We were supposed to drive to Columbia, MO and pick up our kids that had been in KC all week. All the women in my life told me it was a dumb idea and to reconsider. Ultimately, we had the kids and my mom get on a train to come to St. Louis. I preparation of the kids coming home, Danelle and I went outside and built a snow fort. I bent a fingernail back in the process and bled all over the snow fort. Check the album if you want to see my nasty finger.

With the fort built, we headed early to the Amtrak station to wait for the kids to arrive. There was a 45 minute delay while a freight train fought to get enough traction to get up a hill. The freight train came across the platform at about 1 mph and was moving about 20 mph by the time the last car came by. Once it passed, the Amtrak train was in shortly behind it. I was sure happy to see the kids after being without them for the week.


Hogan Haake