Another Unicycle – 10/9/2019

I just want to come clean, I own 6 unicycles. All of various sizes. But Corvin and I are addicts. So we fell to temptation and purchased another unicycle. But this one is different from all the others. Its a 5′ giraffe (tall, and requires a chain drive). We only needed to drive a 6 plus hour round trip into Illinois to pick it up. I would say it was cheap, but it required repairs from The Hub Bicycle Shop. We won’t talk price, but it was still cheaper (if you don’t include gas for the drive) than a new one.

To  help you understand the size, the one of the left is a UDC Titan with a 32″ wheel. The one on the right is the new giraffe. Stay tuned for posts about success riding or hospital visits 🙂

Hogan Haake