Mom and Hannah in STL – 2/20/2016

Hannah’s friend Shelby was coming to St. Louis with a Kalie for a job interview. Hannah couldn’t come at the same time, but decided to come later. Mom wanted to join her for an excuse to visit us. We were not complaining, getting to see my mom and sister at our house!

We always try to entertain our guests to the best of our ability. So we decided to take them to the Missouri Botanical Garden to see the Orchid show. I never realized that the flower was anything more than a decoration for a corsage used for a high school dance. There are over 28,000 accepted varieties of  the flower and the botanical garden had quite a few to look at! These are the best photos I could get from my cell phone.

IMG_20160220_095605 IMG_20160220_095815 IMG_20160220_100406 IMG_20160220_100830 IMG_20160220_095002

Of course after the show, we walked around the garden to see some of the other sights! IMG_20160220_111129

Hogan Haake

Corvin’s Braces Off

Corvin got his braces off today. He’s quite pleased to have his mouth back to normal! Mom was quite excited to see him back to normal too.

IMG_20160107_125538 IMG_20160107_141307

We had to celebrate, so we went to Burger King on the way home and had a bit of fun…


And some more fun in animated format…

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Hogan Haake


A New Hockey Fan – 1/4/2016

Danelle and Sonora took Hannah to her first NHL blues game.


The girls were lucky enough to be at a game where there were not as many people in attendance. They came down to the first level from the top to see the game from close up! Quite the experience.

IMG_20160104_201322 IMG_20160104_202738

Rumor has it that Hannah is still watching games in KC when she gets the chance!


City Museum – 1/3/2016

We hadn’t been to the City Museum for a long time. Sonora was begging us to go for a while and the timing seemed perfect.


One of the favorites that they kept going back to was the outdoor ball pit. We made several trips to play in it throughout the day.

IMG_20160103_120033 IMG_20160103_120035 IMG_20160103_120155

This outdoor shot really sums the spirit of the whole place!


We love that they are constantly building and changing things up. This castle structure outside is awesome!

IMG_20160103_122524 IMG_20160103_122529

Hannah posing with one of our favorite jokes. She misspelled college once and we don’t let her forget it 🙂


Hogan Haake



Hannah in STL – 1/2/2016

Hannah came to visit us during her winter break from school. We didn’t waste any time, from the moment we picked her up, we headed out to Waterfall. 141 ramp from I-44 was still closed as they were cleaning up debris from the flooding. You can see extra water where there normally isn’t any.

DSCN0018 DSCN0023

The kids were ready to get out of the van and stretch their legs!


We went walking all around the property and stopped for lots of antics!


If we weren’t sure how high the water was during the flood, this chair up in the trees should be a sign.


We always take time out to play with the neighbor’s friendly dog!


But mostly it was about spending time with Hannah!


Hogan Haake