Family Paddle at Simpson Lake – 6/5/2020

Paddling is something that I mostly do and the rest of the family puts up with. We don’t do it enough together even though we have enough boats. Since we got a trailer earlier this year, there is no excuse not to get the family out together and paddle! So here we go!

You can see that we have 3 boats on the trailer, 2 up top and one below. When I say family paddle, I mean substitute Danelle for Maggie and Corvin for Hannah 🙂 You can see 3 of the 4 of us in this shot going up Grand Glaze Creek.


It was great seeing the girls enjoy the freedom of paddling. Maggie and Hannah don’t get much time in a kayak and it took a long time after we finished for their smiles to fade! I”m glad I was able to bring more of our boats our tonight and bring joy to our extended family!

Hogan Haake