123rd Sunset Race – 2/14/2019

Its Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t stop the Sunset Race. I’ve been married long enough that it isn’t a highly encouraged [or else] type of holiday. Actually, we both agree its a made up holiday, but that is another topic.

I started off the Sunset Race with a unicycle ride. Even after all these times of the Sunset race, I still get excited every month. So getting in a ride before the paddle is a good way to help calm myself down. I even turned a few segments of my ride into a video if you’re curious.

This is what my two of my favorite hobbies look like together!

We had a great race err paddle. We didn’t go all the way to 141, but we still had fun. One dark photo at the Simpson Lake damn.

Hogan Haake

Confluence Ride – 2/3/2019

Sometimes you just have to get away. The weather was half decent and I had an appointment with my motorcycle to get away. I rode up to the Missouri/Mississippi confluence. Its a decent length ride and has some gravel roads to play on. The sunset was perfect and I loved every second of it!

Hogan Haake

January – 2019

I got a top box for my motorcycle and tried to install it. With the bike up on a stand, I found out that the mounting hardware wasn’t the right size. I have not decided what to do, but it still isn’t installed. And when I took the bike off the stand, I knocked it over on the side. A double fail!

Corvin looking dapper in his new suit.

That’s about it for this month’s random…

Hogan Haake

St. Louis Auto Show – 1/27/2019

Being a fan of cars, I like to go to the auto show¬† every few years to see what is out there. Sonora wanted to go with me this year. We got there before it opened and were able to get to the Million Dollar Mile first. Sonora wanted to check out the super fancy cars. I wasn’t impressed with the cars like Sonora was, but the prices did match…

Once we were done, we went and looked at the motorcycles. I was a little disappointed that the motorcycles were less about brand and more about dealership.

After that we wondered around a bit. I showed Sonora the Sherp go anywhere machine. She wasn’t impressed till I showed here a YouTube video of them.

We saw some custom cars too that were awesome.

A Model T owned by my friend Larry Hassel.

But the most important part of the visit was finding out that Sonora wants a VW Bug. She talked about bugs for a long time after this show!

Hogan Haake

Take a Photo of Sonora Day – 1/20/2019

I think today was “Take a Photo of Sonora Day”. I have an album with tons of photos of her in two different outfits and different poses. I guess I can’t complain because my little girl is growing up and very cute.

I’m not sure what she is laughing at, but its funny!

If she can pose with a cat, its a win!

Coatrack has had enough and is providing a playful bite to let her know.

Hogan Haake