We’re getting a new oven – 10/28/2019

I was out of the house with Sonora and called home to Corvin to help me out. I had a work party the next day and volunteered to bring in corn bread. I wanted him to bake it, but he said he was nervous he would mess it up. I suggested he could just start the oven so it was warm when I got home and save me some time.

When Sonora and I got home, the windows were open (note its very cold outside) and smoke was coming out of them. Turns out that Corvin didn’t bother to check and see if anything was in the oven before he turned it on. There happened to be a pan with a plastic lid inside…

The plastic has melted and started burning. It was all over the pan it was sitting in and on the bottom of the oven!

There was too much plastic on the bottom of the oven. Even if we pried it off, it would have smoked for the next several usages. As lucky as it could be for us, the oven/range was 13 years old and had issues. We would have preferred to replace it on our own terms, but this forced our hand.

Hopefully Corvin has learned to open the oven before turning it on!

Hogan Haake

Cold Cross Country – 10/26/2019

The Webster Groves XC team had their last full team meet for the year. After this, just the varsity and alternates would continue the season. In a interesting end to the season for most of the team, the weather was around 40 F and it rained the whole event. Here are a few photos of the near flood conditions!

Corvin going back to the orange Webster tent after his run.

And video of the run.

Hogan Haake

State 24 – Nebraska


This is the second time we’ve had issues getting a state sign. This one cost us $1.75 in tolls…

When we drove I-29 to get to Nebraska from Kansas, you’re actually traveling in Iowa right until you cross the border on a bridge over the Missouri river. Of course we can’t stop on a interstate bridge as there is nowhere to stop safely. When we left the interstate, there was a sign for a welcome center. I figured there would be a sign there, but it was just a building in downtown. I figured we would have to figure out the sign after our ride. It turned out that we had to take a side state highway going back south on I-29 out of Omaha to cross back into Nebraska. There, we went over a toll bridge just to get the photo above. I asked nicely and only had to pay the toll once since we were just getting a photo and leaving.

For the uni-cycling, we were going along the Missouri river and planning to cross the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge. I found this looking for places to ride and it seemed interesting. It spans 3,000 feet and goes from Nebraska into Iowa.

There is a troll statue under the bridge. Its interesting that the bridge isn’t just a straight run across.

Here we are on top of the bridge. It was a really windy bridge. With the guy-wire system on the bridge, it hummed from the vibrating wires.

This was another cold ride right around 40 F outside. Corvin wore gloves the whole time to stay warm. This was the only pair of gloves we had between the two of us.

After the bridge, we rode around trying to get our time and distance numbers up before we could call it a day and just go home. Corvin found about 100 geese sitting in the grass and was able to run over making all of them fly to the safety of a nearby lake. That made the whole day for him.

Its crazy to note that as of this ride, we have accomplished half of our unicycle goal. 24 of the lower 48 states have been ridden in. With this trip complete, we have averaged 415 miles of driving per state we have visited. More observations to follow.

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava Entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles:  136.38
Total Moving Time: 26h 24m
Total Elevation Gained: 4070feet
Total Hogan UPD: 13
Total Corvin UPD: 9

Hogan Haake

State 23 – Kansas

6/13/2019 AND 1/4/2020

My home state of Kansas

PART 1: 6/13/2019

I read a fantastic blog by Danny Brown about Monument Rocks. His photography and description of it made me want to visit at the end of our vacation. I’ll let you look it up if you’re more curious about them, but needless to say, Monument Rocks is worth the detour! We did a very short unicycle around them to include in our trip.

And a screen shot from the video of us riding. Most of our media is video from here.

PART 2: 1/4/2020

At a Mural in Ottawa, KS.

This was going to be a short weekend trip. All along I planned to go to my parents house in KC and spend Friday night. Then drive to Omaha, NE to unicycle, then back to Ottawa, KS to unicycle. Every time I looked at the route and the time, we had to get up earlier to be able to unicycle in daylight. It was at this point that Danelle (my wife) suggested that we spend the night in Ottawa, KS at my sister’s apartment. Then we could unicycle Kansas, and follow up with Nebraska. Any of the 3 hour return drive from Nebraska could be done in the dark and we would not need to rush for daylight.

So after about 1/2 second of thinking, I agreed and called Hannah to arrange to spend Friday night with her. We got in around 9 pm and picked up a pizza.

We had a great night enjoying Hannah’s hospitality and seeing how she lives. Eventually, it was time to head to bed so we could ride in the morning.

Early morning, Hannah made us waffles from scratch. After eating, we tested the weather and realized we were going have a very cold day! Corvin and I layered up with as much clothes as we thought we would need. We had one pair of gloves between us and we split them. Hanna drove us to Rantoul, KS where we would ride the Flint Hills Trail back to Ottawa. Also of quick note, before you dismiss Rantoul, KS as a tiny sub 200 person town with nothing going on, note that there is one very interesting business there. An airplane junk yard. Zoom on maps and see all of the plane parts!

This trail is wide and flat! Perfect for an easy ride!

As we rode, the day got on with the temperature rising a few degrees. Add that to the energy used to unicycle and we were getting warm.

Corvin is still wearing gloves, but I’m warming up now.

If you’re afraid of heights, this trail might not be for you. While there isn’t much elevation change, this is  one of a few bridges we went over that had no guard rail on either side!

When we went under I-35, we called Hannah to meet us at our arranged pickup site. We got to the site first exhausted and decided to walk towards where she would pick us up.

Once we were picked up, we got donuts from a local shop and went back to her apartment to pack up. We had lots of driving and uni-cycling left to do this day! Thanks to Hannah for hosting us and suggesting this trail for riding. It was a fun 10 miles!

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava entries.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles:  131.12
Total Moving Time: 25h 30m
Total Elevation Gained: 3890feet
Total Hogan UPD: 12
Total Corvin UPD: 9

Hogan Haake