Solar Install – 4/14/2017

I finally got around to installing the solar panels at Waterfall. Eric met me out there to supervise the install. I got all of the panels mounted before he showed up. Then it was a matter of organizing the cables based on what we had and plugging it all in, SUCCESS!

It needs to be cleaned up, but I have to go home and order some longer cables first.

Hogan Haake

March Sunset Race – 4/13/2017

The March Sunset race had some first time participants. Allan and Molly, friends of Danelle from school, came out to paddle. I brought a canoe and all of the other paddling equipment for them. Unfortunately for me, they were about 30 minutes late. So I stayed behind for the start of the race until they were available.

Eventually, they made it out and I got about half of my normal paddle in. We all went to the bar to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Hogan Haake

Avery Play – 4/7/2017

The Avery Play is an annual tradition going back 68 years. Parent volunteers from the PTO get together and write/direct/act in a play for the kids of the grade school.  Here is a collection of photos from practice leading up to the play. I’ll end with the full play recorded for your viewing pleasure.

Hogan Haake

Unicycle Mechanic – 4/2/2017

I came across a stranded motorist. He had a flat tire and drove on it way too long. By the time I saw him, the shredded tire had cut through several wiring harness on his car. I used band-aids from a guy that stopped to help prevent any additional electrical shorts from the wires touching.

I recommended he get the car towed to prevent further damage, but he decided to drive it with the spare to a mechanic… Hopefully I don’t have to change too many more tires when riding!

Hogan Haake