Dad Splits Wood – 5/23/2020

My parents have had several large pieces of wood in the back yard for a few years. Mom had mentioned getting rid of it and I offered to chop it up. Not to be out done, my dad said he wanted first crack at it! Unfortunately, he had so much fun, there wasn’t much for me to do but clean up the mess when he finished up!

Nice job dad! Now I know where I get it from!

Hogan Haake

Sunset Race – 5/14/2020

I’ve written lots of times about the Sunset Race. As much as the river surprises me every time, the people that come out and paddle truly make it what it is.

As always, spend time with Danelle is first. And being on the river is even better. Jon Marble is up ahead.

Back on shore afterwords with Jon and Mark Fingerhut.

Jo Jo, Melissa, and Blake.

Thanks to all who show up and make paddling even better!

Hogan Haake

April – 2020

Our first full month of COVID-19. We mostly stayed at home trying to stay safe and not catch it. I brought home the plants from the office that I care for. The cats were quite interested in them.

It didn’t take long before I started being silly with my Zoom meetings.

I took several long motorcycle rides to keep sane.

And more cat madness. It is what the Internet is for! Brawndo looks so small here

Hogan Haake