XC Banquet – 11/10/2020

The 2020 Cross Country banquet is totally virtual this year, well almost. For the select athletes that are receiving an award, the plan is to meet at an outside shelter for a quick meeting. Then everybody would go home and finish the banquet in a virtual platform over Zoom. Corvin was set to get an award. The day of, it was moved to inside the school due to bad weather.

Here are the award winners and coaches after the short in-person meeting.

As always, Corvin does his own thing and has fun!

If anybody on the team had doubt about where Corvin gets his antics from, I had a moment. There was candy on the tables. When the photos were being taken, I threw a piece at Corvin and hit his buddy Andrew Bacon standing next to him. (I hope) We all got a laugh out of it, and nobody was hurt.

Hogan Haake

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