What do you call a Linux Blue Screen

In early 2010, my employer was looking for a new phone system. Our current system had very high maintenance costs and we were not generally pleased with the vendor. So we went shopping. During a sales pitch [from the company we bought a system from], the sales person commented on our existing system. He said that Windows based phone systems were buggy and unreliable. They were offering a top of the line Linux based system that never crashes or needs to be rebooted. I was skeptical of that claim, but overall was impressed with their offering.

Now we’re nearly two years into the contract and the vendor has had one their their Linux box crash three times. They had to come to our office and pick it up to be repaired. Before they left, I grabbed a photo of the screen. I think that the screen is the equivalent of a Windows BSOD!

I’m not promoting Windows or Linux with this point so much as pointing out that you have to be careful when you generalize about any type of system. I hope they get the server fixed soon.