We Got A Chipper – 5/8/2021

We purchased a chipper to help get rid of wood waste that we cut down on our new property. As an added bonus, we could use the chips as mulch and never have to purchase mulch again. First, a view of the area that we cleared out. It won’t look like much, but there were many vines and honeysuckle growing all around and in these trees! Don’t worry, Corvin didn’t get chipped!

Next, we took the branches and vines that were cleared out and put them through the chipper. Some interesting notes from our experience.

1. Everybody needs hearing protection, its extremely loud when chipping.
2. You need gloves. Once the chipper gets a hold of something, it’s going to pull it in faster than you can let go!
3. Don’t put vines in the chipper as they just get caught up and you have to spent lots of time with your hand down in the machine getting it unstuck!

If I had to do it over, I would skip the chipper and just burn everything. Its fun for about 30 minutes, then it becomes serious work!

Hogan Haake