Waterfall Preparation – 10/9/2016

We want to put up a shelter at Waterfall and figured it was a nice day to go and get some work done. We would start by getting rid of the junk at the property. We needed the truck for this, so Danelle and Sonora rode out in the truck while Corvin and I took the motorcycle.

Once there, we went to the old shed to clear it out as much as we could. We got the serious trash packed up and put into the truck to dispose of at home.

The shed will have to come down in the next year or two as its a safety hazard for sure! We took the things that may be useful and moved them towards where we would be building our shelter.

Eventually we ran out of room in the truck for the junk and decided to call it a day and head home. Our goal of a nice easy visit to improve the property was complete.

Hogan Haake