The Axe – 5/26/2013

My next door neighbor cut down a tree in his yard. The way the tree fell, the trunk was against the ground and he didn’t want to mess up his chain saw cutting into the ground. I decided to help out. I went over with my 2 ton floor jack [for the car], a large board and my axe. I used the axe to cut into the end of the log. From there I placed the wood on the ground and used the floor jack under the axe head to jack up the whole tree trunk. Once it was up and off the ground, I was able to put a log under it for cutting.

Corvin watched the whole process and wanted to help. Before I knew it, he was trying to chop his own section of the trunk. I supervised the whole event. He got to see how much work it is to cut a tree with an axe. It was a fantastic father son bonding experience.

Hogan Haake