Strawberry Jam – 5/27/2013

I’m a huge strawberry jelly/jam fan. The rest of the family likes it as well. So we went to the strawberry patch in town and picked a huge amount of strawberries for making jam. As always, the kids start out on a tear and get tired quickly!

Of course, they can re-energize when they see something they want like a playground!

After we let them tire themselves out, we headed home. We were joined by Danelle’s parents for part of they party. They helped prepare the strawberries by cutting out stems and washing them.

With the fruit prepared, it was chopped up and ready for making strawberry jam!

With a bit of mixing and stirring the ingredients, each iteration took about 40 minutes to prepare. You need a strong arm for this job!

Finally with the jam poured into the jars and boiled, it was time to clean up. I’m not one for wasting any jam!


Hogan Haake