Thanksgiving In Wisconsin – 11/23/2022

We left early on Wednesday 11/23 headed up north. Danelle and I decided that we would rent an Airbnb for a few nights.Β  It probably would have been cheaper to fly Corvin home for a few days, but then the kids would all want to go hang out with their friends. This would make them captive to hang out with us. We actually do enjoy them πŸ™‚

So we’re driving north to Ferryville, Wisconsin. Its actually on the way to La Crosse where Corvin is attending the University of Winsonsin. We arrived at Humblebush House around 3pm. We spent about 30 minutes claiming bedrooms and in wonder at how huge and awesome the house is!

Cool welcome table. Somehow the food slowly disappeared each day πŸ™‚

With the car empty, we all piled in for the 45 minute drive north to La Crosse to pick up Corvin. We were excited to see him again. I had seen him about a month ago, but it has been almost 2 months since the ladies had seen him.

Corvin put his stuff in the car and we were off. We started by picking a cool Mexican restaurant for dinner. Our first of many selfies over the next few days.

Our waiter spoke Spanish and everybody at the table (except me) tried out their Spanish on him. It doesn’t come as any surprise that Coty was the best Spanish speaker and became the spokesperson for our table.

It didn’t take long before the kids got back into the groove laughing together.

After dinner, we had a crazy party at Wal-Mart. Since Ferryville was a long away from everything, we got a bunch of food for the rest of the week. Probably a few things that we didn’t need as well. Okay, we did take home a bunch of food that we didn’t even prepare.

Being the gentleman that I am, I left Danelle a special note on our bed with her socks

Around 5am on Thanksgiving, a train stopped on the tracks in front of the house. It continued to idle for about 24 hours. Its crazy to think how much fuel was wasted with these two engines running during this time. Ohh, and it was loud.

Thanksgiving day had us making food and going for a walk along the town. There have been tons of hunters going out looking for ducks. Seems a bit too cold for me to go out all day.

And it wouldn’t be hanging out with Corvin if he didn’t go out for a run. Of course when he comes back, he’s warm even though its crazy cold outside. So here he is cooling off after his run.

One of several wonderful meals we had together during our time.

The views from the sun room at this house over the river was just icing on the cake!

Danelle mad an amazing pie for dessert.

Our rental came with several games and we spent a few evenings wrapped in Uno. Also some balancing game seen below. You had to put makers on the board based on a roll of the dice and try to keep it balanced.

Eventually, my restlessness got the best of us and we went seeking entertainment. We drove by the Genoa National Fish Hatchery which also had an awesome museum there. We spent a few hours going all through it without another person in site. Danelle and I want to come back in the summer when the hatchery is in full swing and the kids got their fill.

Corvin being goofy watching a short film.

Nice large map showing where we were along the river.

We had an okay day for weather and managed to purchase some firewood nearby and use the fire pit. I didn’t waste any time gathering up the pine needles around to keep the fire going and smoke everybody out πŸ™‚

And if we hand a drone instead of a third floor balcony, this is what it might have looked like from above, but with all of us in the shot.

Our time went by at just the right speed and the house gave each of us enough space to be ourselves. This was a most memorable Thanksgiving!

Hogan Haake