Thanksgiving At Hannah’s House – 11/25/2021

My sister Hannah purchased her first house this year. We figured the best way to help her celebrate the new house was to invade for a holiday. So without further adieu, we set out to drive to Ottawa Kansas (about an hour south of Kansas City) for Thanksgiving. Of course we called first, but here we are pulling up to the back of Hannah’s house!

Along with the house, comes the most important part for Hanna, her own cats!

They are both still kittens and very playful. They were a constant source of entertainment all weekend as we went about our holiday business. Before we got the tour of the house, Danelle had a very special housewarming gift for Hannah, her own jeans quilt that Danelle made.

The tour was awesome and we love the way Hannah has decorated and completed the house as her own. Hannah did complain to me that she didn’t have my kids on her fridge, so I had them fix that to her laughter!

With my kids on her fridge, the house was complete. Okay, so I wouldn’t be a big brother if I didn’t offer a few suggestions. Before long, I had tools in hand fixing a set of French Doors that didn’t close properly, and replacing some hard to reach light bulbs.

Thanksgiving proper isn’t right without getting up early. But not for food, to go on a run. Corvin is a maniac and signed up for a Turkey Day Trot. So off we went early in the AM to Lawrence, KS. There Corvin ran in the blistering cold while I tried to stay warm waiting for him!

With his 5K complete, he had a celebratory chocolate milk.

By the time we got back, dinner preparations had begun!

I’m looking forward to kissing this cook 🙂

And by lunch time, Mom and dad showed up with Heidi.Of course, I was hiding in Hannah’s room working an on-call issue for work, but eventually it was resolved and I was able to join the festivities.

I won’t comment on if Hannah was even close to on time with dinner as she had promptly stated earlier in the day. But we didn’t mind as we had an amazing family dinner! Did I mention that Henry came down as well.

We had some nice weather and spent that time helping Hannah with her front lawn.

And after the yard work, we celebrated with a round of disc golf! I’m sure that she made this putt.

From the fire in her back yard

to board games in her house, it was a treat of a holiday we won’t forget!

Thanks for sharing your amazing house and life with us Hannah!

Hogan Haake