Telling the Red Cross to Bugger Off!

I was recently on vacation enjoying the peace and quiet away from it all. I didn’t’ have work calling me or bills coming in the mail to review. It was perfect bliss. That is until I got a phone call from a number that i didn’t’ realize. Since its my cell phone, I just ignored the call. But after the third call in three days at a couple minutes after 8:00 am, I had enough. I answered the phone.

“Hello.” in a slightly agitated voice.

The caller responded with something like, “This is Sara from the American Red Cross. We have an emergency level of low blood in the blood bank right now. We need you more than ever to donate blood today.”

I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation, but I basically told them to loose my number. I have never had the Red Cross call me to donate blood and not had some sort of excuse about there being a critical or emergency shortage of blood. I understand that there is a need for blood, but just ask me nicely to give blood because it has been X days since my last donation. Or maybe just call me to see how I’m doing. The Red Cross makes me feel used and I want no part of it anymore.

They need to seriously reconsider their policy of how they treat their donors if they ever want me back!