Salt Lick Trail – 9/9/2023

I was looking for some weekend adventure and talked Danelle and Sonora into hiking. I wanted to try something new and selected Salt Lick Trail. We used Google to map us to the trailhead and that was a mixed blessing. The main trailhead is along Bluff Road, but we selected the other end. That ended up being a rather unmarked area in a neighborhood. We were able to park at a church with permission. See the map below.

Once we were situated, we started hiking.

The path we were on continued going down. It was well used in the past, but had some vegetation growing up that made me wonder a few times if we should continue. We saw a few other trail users on the first half and it encouraged us on. Also, the view was exactly what we were looking for.

I tried not to take too many photos and just be in the moment. When we were about a mile into the hike we made it to the flatland. I realized that there were two options. First to go back the way we came and I didn’t think the ladies would appreciate it. Second, was to split up. The girls could continue on to the other end of the trail on the flats and I could go back and drive around. We all chose the second option. I could get more steps and the girls could take it easy.

Somehow in my rush, I managed to get back to the car and drive around, before they got there. Probably helps that they didn’t know I was racing them. Its a hike I would like to do again as I missed parts of it. It would probably be best to start at the bottom and hike up, so its easy to get back.

Hogan Haake