Stakes in the ground – 10/26/2023

Danelle and I have been trying to build our dream home on some land we purchased a few years ago. We’ve had a plan and its finally time to execute the plan. As soon as both kids are out of the house, we can move. This allows them to finish school without having to make new friends before going off to college.

I’m like a kid in a candy store with my excitement over what we’re doing. I want to be there as much as possible for the construction to see the process. We moved into our current house near the end of construction and I always thought we didn’t have enough photos. I hope to fix that. Starting with the stop motion camera I installed, I also just want to be here.

My co-workers call this the “creepy shed”. When I have meetings and I’m in the shed, they have interesting things to say about me. Just the same, there are enough solar panels and battery storage to make it easy to work out there and be able to go to the construction nearby and grab photos.

Today while working from shed, I met the builder on site and they had a survey company come out. They picked where the corners of the house would be and made it official!

There are a bunch of stakes in the ground now and it feel like we might just have a house soon! I’m not sure what the writing is, but I love it!

I hope to have lots of frequent updates as they start the work!

Hogan Haake