Ryan and Ingrid Rehearsal – 9.29.11

One of be best buddies, Ryan, is getting married tomorrow. I’m one of the groomsmen, so I got a tuxedo for the wedding last night. Being the cheap and zany guy that I am, I decided to wear my tux all day on Friday. I figured it would be fun for work and I would get extra value out of the rented garment. I’ll have to say that I clean up rather well 🙂

I enjoyed the extra looks and comments all day. When I picked up the kids from the after school program other parents looked at me differently. The staff asked what the occasion was. After rushing the kids home and getting their clothes changed, we rushed out to the rehearsal dinner. We rushed to the location and realized that we were early. Its my preference to be early and I wanted to make sure we could help out.

The ladies were already decorating and placing tablecloths where they belonged, so I decided to help out in my own way.

Of course, I got the father of the groom involved. I think we both look rather good in kilt attire. Its worth noting at this point that the whole wedding party was present at this point. The bridesmaids were quite upset with me when they found out that I wore my tux all day long. “What if I had gotten a stain on the shirt” was their first thought. They found it quite inconsiderate of me. I just wanted to have a good time! Of course, I didn’t spill on it, and it was ready to be worn the next day with maybe a few wrinkles.

It all turned out to be a fantastic rehearsal dinner. Maybe because we ate my favorite food, pizza!