Roller Skating – 1/8/2023

We wanted to do a family event while Corvin was in town over winter break. Of course its cold out so there are not tons of things that we can do out of the house. Of course the kids really like skating. We decided to go out roller skating. The plan was just the 5 of us, but Corvin missed that message and brought Andrew and Jackson.

We got our skates and started putting them on. Most of didn’t have any issues. Danelle had to try a second pair to get them fit correctly. Even with the updated pair, they never really fit correctly. Danelle would skate about two laps at a time, then stop to rest her feet.

Coty skating around.

Danelle with the girls behind her about to take a break for her feet.

Before I knew Danelle was taking a break for her feet, I went to check on her.

The light was really horrible for cell phone photos. Some time after skating for a while, I had my first fall of the night. The strangest roller skating fall I’ve ever had. Turns out that half of my skate just came off and I wrecked. Here is what it looked like.

The employees apologized many times, but I figured it was just a freak occurrence. After my second fall, I took a harder hit on my knee and bent my glasses badly. I called it a night and stopped skating. Still the family had a wonderful time being out together!

Hogan Haake