Arch Day – 1/2/2023

One of the first things you do when you live in St. Louis and have a visitor come into town is take them to The Gateway Arch. It might even be a law, but I’ll have to look into that and get back to you. Either way, Coty has been with us four months and we had yet to take her to the arch.

We had reservations for going up and got there early to walk around and take photos. Coty was quite surprised when she saw the arch. She has seen it from afar, but never up close. Its is always hard to comprehend that it is as wide as it is tall. We spent a long time being silly for Coty’s photo shoot.

Maybe she can touch the legs.

Corvin says go just a little to the left.

How many photos do we need?

Time for a selfie. Sonora decided to pretend to be a background extra. Or maybe I’m just bad at this selfie thing…

We made it inside through security and started going down the steps to the museum. But first, we had Coty pose on the huge map of the US. We might have got done faster, but she was sleeping on the job.

There are several large screens on the way in. Set up in a way that you can go behind them and make shadows. The kids had a great time with this! We had solo trips and piggy back trips. They even tried to use three of them for some random lift sequence that I feared would break something or someone. But the one that sticks out best is Sonora and Coty making a heart together. Two virtual sisters connected together by chance.

Coty was interested in the large museum and spent time reading and understanding the history presented.

Eventually, it was time for the star of the show, a ride to the top. Here is all 5 of us in the tiny car!

How about a head shot.

And watching Coty look out from the top and hearing her awe made it better!

We finished off our arch visit by going down to the riverfront and throwing sticks into the Mississippi. I feel like a good host now that we’ve taken Coty to the most iconic place in St. Louis!

Hogan Haake

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  1. It’s law all local residents have responsibility to be an ambassador for the Gateway City. However, I must point
    out you have several local free attractions!

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