Rock Bridge Memorial Park – 10/6/2013

Rock Bridge Memorial park is located south of Columbia, Missouri. See the shot of the map from Google Maps.

I’ve been to this park once before with Danelle, but this time we took the kids with us. The plan for the day was simple, I was picking up something I purchased online in Columbia and wanted an excuse to do something else while we were in town. The park was a perfect fit for us being outdoors more and sharing something exciting with the kids.

At the park, we didn’t waste any time, heading straight to the cave. Since we knew we were going to the cave, we brought a backpack full of flashlights, snacks, and water.

Inside the cave, we took our time looking at as many creatures as we could find and viewing the formation of the cave. The kids thought the whole thing was amazing! Between the flash on the camera and a host of lights pointed at the target, the photos in the cave turned out quite nicely.

Once out of the cave, we took a leisurely hike along the other trails in the park enjoying the outdoors.

Before we knew it, it was time to go meet the guy to purchase what we came to town for, so we had to leave the park. On the way to his house, we called some of Danelle’s family that lives in Columbia to see if they wanted to go to dinner with us. It turns out that they had plans, but we were able to stop in and chat for a few minutes. Overall a perfect day spending time with family!


Hogan Haake