Return from Springfield

Class seemed to end in a blur Wednesday night. As soon as we were let out, I rushed across campus to drop off my books and pick up my motorcycle. I messed up my schedule, as I was supposed to meet Jana, Matt, Isaac, and Stephanie for dinner at 6:00 pm. I ended up getting twenty minutes late, but it worked out well.

After a wonderful evening, goodbyes were said and I headed back to my room for a final night of sleep. This of course didn’t happen as Matt called to say that we should go out. So I stayed out too late again.

Class on Thursday went by quickly and I again scooted out because I needed to get home. Back in the dorm room with a packed lunch, I surveyed my stuff and realized that I still had a bit of packing to do. So I ate quickly and carefully packed up all of my books. I took my motorcycle on this trip, so it was important to pack tightly and conserve space.

On the way home, i was having a bit of trouble staying awake. This is of course my fault as I have stayed up very late most nights this last week. Being on a motorcycle, it isn’t smart to ride tired. So I made a pit stop at the world’s largest rocking chair to get a drink and walk around to wake up.

After my stop, I realized that I was almost out of fuel. The stop didn’t have a gas station, so I had to stop again a few more miles down the road. It was just the trick and I was awake enough to finish my ride safely.

Once home, I quickly traded to motorcycle for my van and placed my canoe on top of it. It also happened to be the second Thursday of the month. That means that I was going canoe racing . It can be a family affair. Joey brought his brother Brian and his mom Barb for this outing.

After a long race where I didn’t stand a chance, I called it a night. After being away from family and work for a couple days, going back to work on Friday was a delight.