Prom – 4/22/2022

Sonora got invited to senior prom this year. She was super excited and so was Danelle. So first thing a girl has to do is go and find a dress. Here are some of the highlights of the shopping trip to find a dress.

I feel like prom snuck up on us even though I just showed you dress shopping photos. It could be because prom was on Friday night and they had school the same day. Many girls want more time to get their hair and other preparations done. Not much time between school, and a 7pm prom.

Once school was out, it was a super duper rush to get dressed and out to each respective party. Corvin quickly put on his tux and left to meet up, we didn’t even catch a photo of him.

Sonora got ready and I put her in the car and drove her to her date’s house. Of course luck to me, the house is on a busy street and I had to pull up on the sidewalk to drop her off and didn’t have time to go up to the house and get photos. The best I got was a quick shot out the car window before she headed off. I would say that she looks perfect!

While all this was happening, we were lucky to have another parent capture photos of Corvin and his friends. The savvy ones of you might notice below that there are an uneven number of people in the photo below. Most of the kids below are not dating, just a tight friend group that wants to have a great time going out together!

Love this timed photo below of the boys jumping! Corvin is in the middle wearing my SPAM tie. Seems he loves it as much as I did at his age.

While the kids were away, Danelle and I didn’t waste any time. We met Laura at a fancy restaurant for dinner. We had a wonderful time catching up. Then after dinner, we walked around the corner to Union Station where prom was happening. We went in and peeked at the party spotting both Corvin and Sonora, but left before they could see us. Then we went across the street to a park.

At the park, we were able to watch the kids leave prom and see how happy they were. We were in plain site and therefore totally hidden from them. After the party quit, we walked back to the car, dropped Laura off at home and came back to the house. The kids had a perfect night out and we got a tiny peek into their joy.

Hogan Haake