Danforth Clearing – 4/10/2022

It feels a bit like an obsession, but one that we enjoy. What is the obsession, going up to Danforth and removing vegetation and burning it. Today, we were working on the flat field area near the back. Okay, Danelle is cleaning up the mess I made from previous visits while I get rid of some of the mess.

Once its cut down, then I can take it to the burn pile and keep it going.

And all the while Corvin is out working. We didn’t want Sonora to be left out, so we deployed a hammock. There she happily sat and read for school.

It feels like we’re not making much progress, but it just takes 1 day at a time to make a difference. So we’ll keep chipping away at the mess till we get it the way that we like.

Hogan Haake