Pickles – 7.17

Danelle works hard each year planting and managing our home garden. One of the more successful plants this year were cucumbers. They grew on a trellis made from Hogan’s bamboo. The harvest was so plentiful, that she was having trouble figuring out what to do with all of the cucumbers. After a bit of thought, she decided to try her hand at pickling.

The process started out with her cutting and slicing up each of the cucumbers, followed by a nice soak in a brine solution.

Then they were boiled in a vinegar solution and placed in sterile jars and sealed with heat. She placed them in different size jars to fit different occasions.

Of all the canning/jarring that Danelle did this year, this was the most successful and easy process to complete. Compared to the effort that went into making the salsa, this was a very quick and rewarding process.