Paddle Stop Brewery – 7/14/2022

Danelle and I have been wanting to visit Paddle Stop Brewery since it opened. We’re acquaintances with the owners, Shane and Stacy and wanted to support their new business. We started off by finding the super quite and comfortable library room. There are several bookshelves with interesting books and a cozy feel. From there, I went up and ordered a flight of beer and some food.

Danelle and I taking a selfie in the library.

Full Disclosure, I’m not a fancy beer guy. I stick to the really “boring” stuff like Bud Light. The green beer on the left was a St. Patrick’s Day test that was pretty good. From the flight below, I liked half of them and Danelle the other half. Definitely worth a visit.

No visit to this brewery is complete without visiting the bathroom. Most people that visit make a point to photograph it. As a centerpiece, Shane built a sink that looks like a small canoe. Its a testament to his building skills. It looks fantastic and is perfectly functionally.

Go get some yummy beer in a wonderful environment in New Haven, Missouri.

Hogan Haake


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