March Sunset Race – 3/10/2022

There are not many Sunset Races when I’m the only person that shows up. There is enough history that I didn’t dare skip paddling. I was ready to go out there.

When I got to the ramp, I saw that the water had recently dropped quite a bit. Unfortunately for me, that meant that there was a large amount of mud on the ramp. I was very concerned taking the boat down the ramp that I would fall. Even when I made it successfully down the ramp, I had to take time to clean off my feet before getting in the kayak to ensure that I didn’t make a huge muddy mess.

Since I was on the water alone and somewhat concerned about getting back up the muddy ramp after the paddle by myself, I decided to paddle a shorter amount. I went up to the waterfall at Simpson Lake.

Its actually pretty awesome having access to a waterfall a short distance from my house. You can see the muddy tracks when I came back up the ramp.

Ohh, and its still super cold outside. I left the boat out overnight and got snow in it.

Hogan Haake