New Yamaha FZ-07 -6/20/2016

I encouraged my coworker Eric Ent into getting a motorcycle. We’ve gone on a few rides together, and he’s fallen in love with riding. It didn’t take long for him to grow out of his Honda 500cc bike. Eric fell in love with the Yamaha FZ-07. So he finally broke down and bought one. I’m fortunate that he trusts me enough to ride it around the parking lot at work. There is something fun about riding a bike with less than 100 miles!

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Its a cool bike that had plenty of power, but it seems a bit small when I sit on it! Lucky for Eric, its a perfect fit for him! I’ve offered for him to ride my Concours, but he is nervous with the size and weight of it! Its nice to have friends you trust with sweet toys!

Hogan Haake