MRT Loop – 2/25/2018

I’ve been wanting to do longer unicycle rides for a while now. Today I decided it was the day to do just that. The plan was to ride the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) loop. I started early going up the deserted Missouri side of the trail starting near the Gateway Arch.

Going up the Missouri side happened fast. I did notice my cranks for the pedals were getting a bit loose, so I tightened them before continuing. It didn’t take long before I was crossing the Chain Of Rocks bridge.

Once across, I still had to cross another lesser bridge over the Chain Of Rocks canal for barges. This bridge had much lower railings and lots of metal grating, so I mostly walked across it.

By the time I got to Illinois, I was slowing down a ton. I didn’t take any more photos and had a rough time on the gravel section of the trail. But I eventually did finish the 26 mile trail on my unicycle. The last 1/2 mile was walking due to my cranks getting much worse! Overall, a success!