MR340 Origins Talk – 1/8/2019

Jon Marble and I drove to Rocheport, Missouri to hear Scott Mansker talk about the history of the MR340 race. Jon and I wanted to talk about and the upcoming changes for the race. Then we would enjoy a presentation from Scott about the history of the MR340.

Jon Marble eating a snack. Sorry for the food shot Jon.

Can’t resist a nice glass of Riverboat Red at Les Bourgeois Winery where the event is held.

The long lost Jerico LeFort.

And finally, the full presentation. Note that I took the video from the Missouri River Relief Facebook page. I don’t trust that Facebook will keep it around or that everybody reading this has Facebook access, so here it is.

Skip ahead to 9 min 32 seconds if you want to get right to Scott Mansker’s presentation.

Hogan Haake