Motorcycles make it all better

I’m currently working on a Masters Degree at Missouri State university. The program I am in requires me to be on campus for 1 week each semester. So I had to make the trip back to Springfield, Mo yesterday from my home in St. Louis. The weather looked decent and I decided to take my motorcycle on the trip. Rather than taking the normal I-44 for 3 plus hours, I decided to have some fun.

I started off by heading West instead of South across to Jefferson City. I decided to take the long way. It would add close to 2 hours to the trip, but I don’t mind when I’m riding. At Jeff City, I decided to stop in on some friends, Sean and Jennifer. I got to their house and their truck was there. At the front door, I stood waiting for them to answer. After a while, I got out the ‘ole phone and called to see why they were not answering their door. I figured Jennifer might be napping.

It turns out that Jennifer was in Texas, and Sean was out of town seeing his parents. I had made this stop for nothing, and yet I didn’t care. After my call with Jennifer, I got directions from her for the next leg of my trip and took off down the road.

I rounded out my trip going through the Lake of the Ozarks and seeing some awesome boats! Once I got to Springfield, I parked the bike far away in the correct lot and am now in school mode. I am already looking to the adventure for my ride home!