Mississippi River at NGREC – 1/11/2021

I took a 1/2 day off of work and went with Danelle to her office at NGREC. I started by working at a desk near hers. Eventually, I worked my way into the fancy conference room overlooking the Mississippi river. Since its full on winter, there was little barge traffic. In fact, just 1 barge went by when I was in the large conference room.

Looking out the fancy conference room to the Mississippi.

From the river looking back on NGREC.

After work was done, I went walking along the riverfront and grabbed a few photos.

An old ramp to load coal from the river to the power plant.

They blew up the stacks for this plant and you can’t see it anymore.

Walking trail just on the river side of the road.

Hogan Haake