Meramec River Training Run – 6/19/2014

While Danelle and the kids were at the St. Louis Cardinals Game, Jo and I were on the Meramec river training for the MR340. Of course, this was an equipment test, more than an endurance run. We paddled approximately 4 miles downstream to the Meramec Marina. There, Jo and I tied up the boat to the dock and had pizza and beer on the floating bar.

Of course we didn’t just eat. We spotted a fawn sitting on the shore hidden from most. Look in the center of the photo.

Finally, we tested out the home made spray skirt for the boat. Jo made this in her warehouse with some help from me. We found that it was perfect for keeping the water out of the boat when we double bladed.

The equipment check went off perfectly and it was a day well spent on the river!

Hogan Haake