July 2020

Its the Internet, so of course we have more cat photos. Brawndo continues to be adorable and fun!

Also of interest, was Danelle’s birthday. She and I went out shopping while the kids made the cake. I don’t remember exactly how it transpired, but the kids were making the cake together. I believe that Sonora was frosting it and Corvin would finish by decorating it. We received a frantic call from Sonora with her quite upset. It turns out that she did a fantastic job frosting the cake, then Corvin decorated it. Danelle assured her that Corvin’s decoration would not take away from the nice frosting job that she  did. We came home to the following.

So it wasn’t super bad or good. Kids are really into Memes and he found one he thought was particularly funny. Still a good month.

Hogan Haake