Head Shaving – 7/2/2014

Its been 5 years (almost to the day) since Corvin and I last shaved our heads. True to the format, though not planned, Corvin went first!


It didn’t take Danelle long to get him into top mohawk form!


While the chair was still warm, I decided to sit down myself. Here is my last chance to back out…


Now the chopping begins. Danelle decided to have fun with me. She shaved a face in the back of my head, but I made her get rid of it after the photo.

IMG_20140702_215723 IMG_20140702_215811

When she was finished, Corvin and I posed proudly for our finished photo. Yep, we look silly, but it was fund bonding with him. Plus I hoped it would give me an edge for the MR340 race that was coming up!



I made sure to take a selfie at work, so I could remember how silly I looked. It took a few tries to get my eyes to do what I wanted, but the end result is… well, you judge for yourself!


Hogan Haake